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Antminer China is a IT sales company with private capital, founded in 2018, through a private initiative, represented by a sole partner.
The company’s object of activity is the sale of coin mining equipment.
In its activity, the company is based on the principles of respect for customers and partners, promptness and good work done in the long run. Antminer China employs qualified personnel who offer high quality services and products.
The company’s goal is to provide high quality services that improve mining for customers. As a result, customers reward these efforts by promoting the quality of service we provide based on the principle that a satisfied customer is a very good form of promotion.
We pay attention to every element of the construction and we do not allow ourselves to treat with superficiality even the smallest part of the construction of a building.
Both the company’s management and its employees are deeply committed to obtaining very good results and to achieving the objectives and strategies we propose. The criteria according to which he was recruited and hired personally were: professionalism, competence, performance.
We strive for performance through work and individual integrity, we pay attention to details and follow the procedures in making each construction. Quality is the core value that guides us and even though each customer is unique – we always find solutions to meet their requirements. Trust in our clients and partners is a principle we hold dear. We trust the abilities and intentions of others. We believe that people work best when there is trust and satisfaction.
Our goal is to be the best in our field. For this reason, we rigorously relate our performance to the best, both inside and outside the company. We learn from both successes and failures.

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